FAQ Questions

Is it possible to run InstaGTO in another computer?

Yes, but it needs to be deactivated in the first device (account -> deactivate). InstaGTO does not work in two devices simultaneously.

What does it mean “daily limit reached”?

It means that your license expired. If you wish to extend that limit, contact info@instagto.com

How to buy a license?

In order to purchase our license, register, send the payment and your nickname and we will activate your license right away.

Payment gates:

Neteller: msschwarzmarek@gmail.com

Paypal: payments@schwarzsoft.com

Is it possible to buy a license for one month?

Yes, one month is the minimum.

Is it possible to pay with euros?

Yes, it is but only manual payments.

Is there a trial version?

Yes, the trial version can be activated for 3 days maximum when requested.

Is it possible to pause/deactivate an already bought subscription?

Yes, it is possible only in special circumstances.

Is there an affiliates program?

20% from the first purchase.

How to add another Hero?

New hero can be added by adding hand histories to the software where is the new hero name introduced.

What version of Piosolver is needed?

The Piosolver free version is completely enough.

Does InstaGTO work without Piosolver?

No, it doesn’t but the free version of Piosolver is completely enough.

Is it possible to change the version of a license?

Yes, it is possible to change your version when requested. We will calculate the money difference and activate the new version.